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Decal Vault

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Prolong and protect the life of your decals with Scale Motorsport's Decal Vault


The perfect companion for all your decals is the Decal Vault™ from Scale Motorsport. The second most frequently asked question we get is how should I store my decals and the answer is the "Vault". Made from museum quality archival paper and constructed with no seams that could potentially crease your decals the Scale Motorsport Decal Vault protects and prolongs the useful life of your decals. Measuring 6"w x 9"h and comes packaged with four glassean sleeves to divide each decal while in storage. The Decal Vault is also marked to record the name of the decals being stored and the date of original storage, now you'll know how old those decals actually are!

Decals in photograph for display only and not included with the Decal Vault