Really Really Big Photoetch

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Really Really Big Photoetch

Big scale model car kits are fast becoming popular again. More and more model enthusiasts are opting for large-sized kits in order to create miniature, accurate replicas of their
favorite cars. Scale Motorsport makes your task easy by providing Really, Really Big Photoetch Sets for many 1:12th scale Tamiya model kits. Some of the supported models
include the Ferrari 312T, the Wolf WR1, and the Enzo Ferrari. Our big scale Photoetch details for Tamiya 1:12th model car kits are designed to enhance the quality and
precision of your build.

We provide accurate and true-to-life 1:12th scale Photoetch details for a variety of different models. Whether you are looking for the brake rotor sets, the enhanced
chassis, or suspension, we provide it. Our big scale detail up parts for model cars will allow you to take your build to the next level and give it a unique look. Before you
enter a model car contest, take a look at our aftermarket detail parts for big scale model cars, and we guarantee that your chances of success will increase dramatically!

Instruction Sets

Instruction Sets are included with your Scale Motorsport purchase. If you lost your
instruction set or just need another copy, you can download it in Adobe Acrobat
PDF format from here.