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Super Detail Kits

The Super Detail Kit category was originally introduced by Scale Motorsport back in 2001. Since then, there have been plenty of other companies that have tried to copy what
we do and try to introduce the same product. However, Scale Motorsport’s unparalleled attention to detail, clarity, and maximum accuracy has put our advanced model car
kits in a league of their own. Whether you want aftermarket model car detail sets or detail up parts for model cars, Scale Motorsport offers you everything under one roof.

Before we start building any car kit, we spend a lot of time researching every single part and design. We don’t use photos published by others. Instead, we try to gain
direct access to the actual car and then create true-to-life scaled replicas. For example, our famous Shelby Mustang GT500 Detail Set was created after days of
research on the original Shelby Mustang GT500. All our super detail kits for model cars are made with painstaking accuracy.

We use resin casted components, metallic Photoetch such as nickel silver, aircraft aluminum, and a host of other elements in order to create custom designs that look
downright real. All our kits are packaged with meticulous instruction sets in order to make sure that you can build them without much of a hassle.

Instruction Sets

Instruction Sets are included with your Scale Motorsport purchase. If you lost your
instruction set or just need another copy, you can download it in Adobe Acrobat
PDF format from here.