Upholstery Pattern Decals

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Upholstery Pattern Decals

Scale Motorsport manufactures a wide variety of Upholstery Pattern Decals as well. All our model car Upholstery Pattern Decals are printed in the United States in order
to achieve the highest print quality and clarity you’ll find anywhere in the world. All of our upholstery patterns are meticulously designed in order to give the builder
maximum opportunity to customize any interior build. Many of our patterns have clear backgrounds that allow you to customize the color pattern by painting the
seats a matching or complimentary, that color will show through
our patterns achieving a custom finished interior.

Our selection of top-notch upholstery patterns for model cars allow you to customize your upholstery with any combination of colors you want. We understand
our builders have very specific requirements for the models they build and Scale Motorsport’s Upholstery Pattern Decals can help you achieve those results.

Scale Motorsport’s selection of model car Upholstery Pattern Decals enable you to build a model that is unique by combining the colors that match whatever
color scheme you have planned for your model. Our Upholstery Pattern Decal designs range from the complex to the very simple, a pattern suitable for any
model car, version and model year, a very suitable aftermarket detail for any Revell, Tamiya and Aoshima model car kit.

Instruction Sets

Instruction Sets are included with your Scale Motorsport purchase. If you lost your
instruction set or just need another copy, you can download it in Adobe Acrobat
PDF format from here.