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Camouflage Decals

Real car manufacturers have used full body camouflage wraps for decades to disguise design details of new car bodies while the car is being tested on public roads. 
Our CAMO decals are designed to give your model car a similar look to many of the life-sized versions. Turn your model car into a lifelike representation of the original car’s camouflaged design.

Scale Motorsport Camouflage Decals feature sporty designs that not only look good but also are designed for a very specific purpose: to hide the original identity of the car.
All designs are available as solid white and black or CLEAR and black. The CLEAR patterns allow you to paint the surface of the model any color and that color shows through
the CAMO pattern.

Now, for the first time, you can achieve the same effect by wrapping your model car in one of our full body CAMO decals, similar to the way it's done with real cars.
Build a full body camouflaged model and 
make your model car stand out from the competition. Our full range of camouflage decal wraps for model cars is compatible
with all the latest model cars available on the market. 


Instruction Sets

Instruction Sets are included with your Scale Motorsport purchase. If you lost your
instruction set or just need another copy, you can download it in Adobe Acrobat
PDF format from here.