This year we’ll see a lot of advances towards all of us benefiting directly from 3D desktop printing. In order for us to evaluate which one is best or even understand how this technology can be made useful in your model building activities I suggest attending a seminar that will be coming up at any number of modeling events this year.

Two such events will be the Great Salt Lake Championship in April:
and Eagle Quest in Dallas this June:

Topics to be discussed will be:
Closed Vs Open Source
SLA and FDM for modeling
What to look for in a 3D Printer and what to avoid
Toolpath control, hot ends and build areas
Making a print task flow and challenges
Making and getting objects
Overviews of software and resources
3D Capture
What’s coming in the near and far future.

Scale Motorsport will be sponsoring both seminars so please make sure to attend at least one of these events put on by Andy Cohen.

If you can’t make it to either event check out: There are Maker Faire events all over the world attending one of these shows will blow your mind and hopefully not your budget! Find out what’s really been happening in the world of 3D desktop printing. You’ll see what Lego, Disney, Ford and other major players are doing. Review printers from $150.00 to $15,000.00