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July 17, 2015 6:43:47 PM GMT+5The Two Most Frequently Asked Decal Questions

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about decals over the past 18 years and the two most frequently asked questions are:

- What type of decal solution should I use?
- What’s the best way to store my decals?

Setting Solutions vs Softening Solutions ... Not all decal solutions are created equal.

Setting Solutions are non-toxic environmentally safe and conform decals to any curved surface without the use of chemicals while permitting several minutes of adjustability. Softening Solutions are hot, chemical based and conform decals by melting them to the surface being applied. Softening Solutions work fast and provide very little opportunity to adjust the decals position, meaning once you put it down you cannot touch it! Both solutions yield the same results when applied properly, which one you choose depends on your need for speed, ability to adjust postion and environmental concerns.

Inside Tip: You don’t need to use both! Scale Motorsport’s DECAL-MAGIC is a Setting Solution designed specifically to work with our Carbon Fiber Decals, Carbon Fiber Template Decal Sets, Logo Livery Decals & Upholstery Pattern Decals. DECAL-MAGIC is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Decal Storage How and Where?

The length of time a decal remains “useful” depends on how and where it has been stored. The best way to store your decals is to keep them at normal room temperature, with low humidity. Keeping them dry prevents them from absorbing moisture out of the air, which over time will cause them to deteriate. Our new Decal Archive Safe protects, stores and prolongs the life of your decals. Made from heavy weight, museum quality archival paper our Decal Archive Safe is designed to keep its contents as dry as possible, comes with four separation sleeves allowing you to store several decal sheets and provides a simple method for cataloging and dating what you’ve stored.

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April 9, 2015 1:50:35 PM GMT+53D Desktop Print Demonstrations

This year we’ll see a lot of advances towards all of us benefiting directly from 3D desktop printing. In order for us to evaluate which one is best or even understand how this technology can be made useful in your model building activities I suggest attending a seminar that will be coming up at any number of modeling events this year.

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April 9, 2015 1:40:44 AM GMT+5When Does 3 = 4?

Want a Free bottle of our fabulous DECALMAGIC for all your waterslide decals? Simply purchase 3 sheets of our Carbon Fiber and or Upholstery Pattern Decals and the Free bottle of fabulous DECALMAGIC will appear in your cart, courtesy of Scale Motorsport, like Magic, its DECALMAGIC!

When Does 3 = 4?

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