Product Series


Proud of all the models that you have created in the past and your achievements as a model builder? It’s time to show off your “swag” to others! At Scale Motorsport,
we have created a variety of different “swag” items that you can buy in order to show off your building habits! For instance, our “Build Something” cap is a great
option for builders who want a unique-looking cap with a stylish SMS logo. Or, if you are looking for some sleek attire to show off your model car swag, the
Reignman T is a great option. It harkens back to the time when Senna won the famed championship in Brazil and was mobbed by fans!

Whether you are interested in our official scale motorsport T-shirts or our official scale motorsport “Fidel” style hats, you can get them here! Scale Motorsport
is the ultimate authority in the world of model building. Do you like the famed song “Bad Boys" by Inner Circle? Well, check out our collection of "Bad Boys"
T-shirts and take your pick! We have a plethora of different items available for customers to choose from. Our extensive variety of model car builders clothing
is bound to bring out the true fan in you!

Instruction Sets

Instruction Sets are included with your Scale Motorsport purchase. If you lost your
instruction set or just need another copy, you can download it in Adobe Acrobat
PDF format from here.