Who is Scale Motorsport?

… and what do we do?

I am often asked to describe exactly what does Scale Motorsport do.

Scale Motorsport is to model cars, what AMG is Mercedes or Ruf is to Porsche. Most of the products we design use the same software and production methods leading automotive manufacturers use. And just like the real thing, we take great care in assembling and packaging our products.

The Joy of Building is attained when the process of building becomes a satisfying and rewarding way to spend your time. Toward that goal Scale Motorsport also takes great care in developing instructional material that best illustrates the methods and techniques for building your model. The AnimatedAssembly presented on our home page was designed to provide a clear and entertaining way to illustrate the proper assembly of the wheel components to our Shelby GT500 Mustang Super Detail Kit.

We hope you find our GT500 AnimatedAssembly beneficial. More AnimatedAssemblies covering a variety of our products can be found in the Tutorial section of our web site, we will be adding more as each new product is released.

Scale Motorsport was created out of the passion I had for building model cars. After entering “MassCar” a competitive modeling event back in 1994 and not placing first or even second, I was determined to improve my building skills and broaden my understanding of automotive design and engineering. I returned to MassCar the following year with an entry that took best in Class and the Best Engine Award. The application of carbon fiber decals for my Mazda Renown 787B not only contributed greatly towards that accomplishment but also laid the groundwork for the creation of Scale Motorsport.

Today Scale Motorsport is the largest supplier of waterslide, carbon fiber decals in the world, designed specifically for model car building. We have 24 colors and patterns from twill weaves to plain weaves to basket weaves and high-def weaves in a variety of color schemes all designed to accurately replicate components used in cars from F1 to LeMans, DTM to Rally, motorcycles and custom street machines.

Our business has expanded since we shipped out first order back in September 1997 to include an extensive line of photoetch products, Super Detail Kits, Template Carbon Fiber Decal Sets, Builder’s Tools and more.

We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for our customers so the web site provides an easy way for you to submit photographs of your builds, please follow the simple specifications for submission. In fact many of our products come by way of customer suggestions, so if you have any idea let us know and we will discuss it with you further, simply give us a call: 203-244-5423 or send me an email direct: matthew@scalemotorsport.com

You can now proclaim your passion for model cars while encouraging others to do the same, by proudly wearing the new Scale Motorsport hats that clearly encourages others to “BUILD SOMETHING!”